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About Random Monster Table

creating mental health resilience through creative play

Random Monster Table is a Community Interest Company based in East Lothian, Scotland. We work with young people in the local community; using art, game playing, drama and storytelling to provide a robust and clinically-supported toolset for mental health resilience. Our unique Your Emotional World system allows players to explore and confront their own mental health needs in a safe and fun environment.

The number of children identified as living with the challenges associated with Autism, ADHD, social anxiety, or depression, is increasing year-on-year. Random Monster Table aims to provide a targeted and evidence-based program to allow young people to explore and address their own mental health, in a safe and fun environment. While playing games with peers, participants are guided to build meaningful friendships and develop the social confidence to flourish on their own terms. This type of play helps children to practise emotional boundaries, build confidence, and allows them to realise that it is safe to feel and show anger, fear, sadness or joy and that these emotions are part of their own story. Our funding, and our status as a Community Interest Company, allows us to offer this program to schools for free, enabling access for children who would otherwise be unable to benefit.


Our Team

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